Payment methods


Currency is automatically selected depending on the country of delivery. All purchases are in Euros (EUR) or US dollars (USD).

Varjo reserves a right to limit the countries where deliveries are possible. Up-to-date list of the sales countries is available on the Shipping and deliveries page.

Payment methods

Available payment methods vary depending on the shipping destination. Credit cards are accepted across all shipping destinations.

Customers in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain can pay with Klarna subject to Klarna's locally available payment methods and restrictions.

Customers in Canada, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA can purchase via Google Pay.

Credit/debit cards

Varjo web store accepts credit and debit cards from American Express, Diners Card, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

When making an order, you authorize us to charge your chosen payment method for the total amount of your order. If your payment method can’t be verified, is invalid, or is otherwise unacceptable, your order will be suspended or canceled.

After a successful payment, you will receive an order confirmation to the email address you provided.